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Planter’s Walk
Was the first church in North America built in Carbonear? Philip Henry Gosse: why did he choose Carbonear in 1827? The Honorable John Rorke: meet this prominent citizen of the Town & Province. Trypheona Nicholl breaks the silence and tells her tragic story… William Boyle you say? Now who is he? American Bankers, Stationers, Coasters, Harbour Rock Hill…hear all about it!

Willoughby Walk
Did you know that Carbonear’s first permanent settler moved all the way from Cuper’s Cove? What if you meet the lovely Princess Sheila out for a stroll? The fishing rooms of the migratory fishery…the 16th Century you say?? Extra! Extra! Newfoundland sealers on strike in the early 19th Century! “Lend me your ears”! But hold on to yours, the Ruffians might be about!

Moxley Cemetery Walk
Calling all who have an interest in tales that chill the marrow…we have one for you and we guarantee this one will send a shiver along your spine! Reserve an early dinner at Sophia’s and meet us at the Railway Museum at 7PM on Friday evening…there’s a nice surprise at the end of this tour that will help banish the shivers!

Most Friday evenings after the Cemetery Walk stay for an hour of local entertainment or interesting presentations.